A Global Industry
More than 100 million tonnes of casting are produced annually and demand is continuing to grow.

The European Foundry Industry at a Glance

In 2016, the iron, steel and malleable foundries of the CAEF member states produced 11.4 m. tons of castings. Compared to the year before, this corresponds to a 2.8% decrease in production weight. The six countries that dominate the industry in terms of weight, namely Germany, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain and Poland, account for 84.7% of the production of ferrous metal castings.

In 2016, non-ferrous metal foundries in the CAEF member states booked a production increase of
3.8% to more than 4.2 m. tons. In the countries that dominate the production of non-ferrous metal castings, namely Germany and Italy, the output account for 52.0% of the total volume.

The share of cast iron with lamellar graphite in the output total of iron and steel castings was 51%, the same share as in the two years before. Correspondingly, the share of ductile cast iron was stable (42%). The steel sector logged a share of 7%.

The production of castings made of non-ferrous metal alloys is still dominated by light metals. The share was up from 88% to 89%.

World Foundry Industry 2016

+ 104 M tons Metal castings produced globally (85 M in 2005) 16 of world production casted in CAEF

Foundry Industry In Europe By Numbers

Number of metal casting facilities in the Europe.
Percentage of firms that are small businesses
(less than 50 employees).
290K +
Number of people employed by the Europe foundry industry.
Foundries recruits each year.
Number of people employed in supplier industries.
43 Billion €
Value of castings produced in Europe in 2016.
8 Billion €
Gross Value Added.