Inter­na­tional exchange of appren­tices

CAEF pro­motes an unbur­eau­cratic exchange of appren­tices in Europe.

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The European Foundry Industry 2018

Annual stat­ist­ics and national reports by the Com­mis­sion for eco­nom­ics & stat­ist­ics

Cast­ing — Never end­ing value

The cast­ing pro­cess is used to make com­plex shapes
by pour­ing mol­ten metal into a mould.

Cast­ing industry moves lives

Foundries sup­ply all sec­tors of the mod­ern world, includ­ing the auto­mot­ive, aerospace, power gen­er­a­tion, rail­way, pet­ro­chem­ical, med­ical, defence and mar­ine.

CAEF — The European Foundry Asso­ci­ation

Umbrella organ­isa­tion of the European foundry industry, estab­lished in 1953. CAEF deals with eco­nomic, tech­nical, legal, and social issues. Its mem­ber­ship includes the national foundry asso­ci­ations from 22 European coun­tries.


Third CAEF sur­vey: con­sist­ent pic­ture of Covid-19 impact

The third CAEF sur­vey clearly shows that the foundry industry will need some time to catch up. In the com­ing weeks and months, the most import­ant factor will be get­ting the pan­demic back under con­trol. The rising num­bers in large parts of Europe are par­tic­u­larly wor­ry­ing.

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European Foundry Industry Sen­ti­ment

After a sharp drop and its low­est level in May, the Busi­ness Cli­mate Indic­ator for the euro area recovered for the third time in a row in August. How­ever, the signs of recov­ery have so far not been reflec­ted in the mood among foundries. The European Foundry Industry Sen­ti­ment, as a res­ult, has recor­ded a neg­at­ive sign for the sixth con­sec­ut­ive month since Feb­ru­ary.

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