A Global Industry

More than 100 mil­lion tons of cast­ing are pro­duced annu­ally and demand is con­tinu­ing to grow.

The European Foundry Industry at a Glance

In 2017, the iron, steel and mal­le­able foundries of the CAEF mem­ber states pro­duced 16.4 m. tons of cast­ings. Com­pared to the year before, this cor­res­ponds to a 6 % increase in pro­duc­tion weight. The six coun­tries that dom­in­ate the industry in terms of weight, namely Ger­many, Italy, Tur­key, France, Poland and Spain, account for 86,2 % of the pro­duc­tion of fer­rous metal cast­ings.

In 2017, non-fer­rous metal foundries in the CAEF mem­ber states booked a pro­duc­tion increase of 4,3 % to more than 4.4 m. tons. In the coun­tries that dom­in­ate the pro­duc­tion of non-fer­rous metal cast­ings, namely Ger­many and Tur­key, the out­put account for 52 % of the total volume.

The share of cast iron with lamel­lar graph­ite in the out­put total of iron and steel cast­ings was 50 %, the same share as in the year before. Cor­res­pond­ingly, the share of ductile cast iron was stable (40%). The steel sec­tor logged a share of 10,1 %.

The pro­duc­tion of cast­ings made of non-fer­rous metal alloys is still dom­in­ated by light metals. The share is stable at 86 %.

World Foundry Industry 2017

+109 M tons Metal cast­ings pro­duced glob­ally (85 M in 2005)
18 M tons of world pro­duc­tion cas­ted in CAEF

9.7 M tons
in US

18 M tones

12 M tones
in India

49.4 M tones
in China

5.4 M tones
in Japan

Foundry Industry In Europe By Num­bers



Num­ber of metal cast­ing facil­it­ies in the Europe.



Per­cent­age of firms that are small busi­nesses
(less than 50 employ­ees).



Num­ber of people employed by the Europe foundry industry.



Foundries recruits each year.



Num­ber of people employed in sup­plier indus­tries.


43 Bil­lion €

Value of cast­ings pro­duced in Europe in 2017.


8 Bil­lion €

Gross Value Added.