European Foundry Industry Sentiment

May 2019: Broadly stable The down­ward trend of the European Foundry Industry Sen­ti­ment is dimin­ish­ing. This is in con­trast to the decrease of the Busi­ness Cli­mate Indic­ator for the euro area. Both cur­rent status and expect­a­tions of the European Foundry...

European Foundry Industry Sentiment

April 2019: Cur­rent situ­ation and per­spect­ives under pres­sure The European Foundry Industry Sen­ti­ment Indic­ator (FISI) illus­trates that the foundries are increas­ingly con­fron­ted by a down­ward trend. This devel­op­ment is sim­ilar to the declin­ing...

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