At the end of 2020, shortly before the end of the post-Brexit trans­ition period, nego­ti­ations between the UK and the EU have seen a new dynamic.

As a res­ult of com­plex nego­ti­ations, and after both parties had once again expressed their strong com­mit­ment to the import­ance of a reg­u­lated with­drawal of the UK from the EU’s single mar­ket and cus­toms union, they were able to over­come their last dif­fer­ences and sign the long-awaited trade and cooper­a­tion agreement.

But what is the trade and cooper­a­tion agree­ment actu­ally about? What has remained? Which con­di­tions have changed? CAEF has taken a closer look at the agree­ment and com­piled an over­view with the most import­ant details and links to much more use­ful information.
Please find the present­a­tion here.
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